Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why my dream and I are so far away separated?

Today I feel really sad, mad, disappointed, down..

I think none of my friends actually like me and trust my ability. Since I was young, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, but I have never really got the chance to learn it day to day. I mean I have taken some classes here and there, but never really get at it.
I know my knowledge and skills are limited, but I thought I make some good clothes. When I was in college, my dress was featured as best constructed garment in the fashion department, even though I'm not a fashion major.. I don't need to study fashion to be good at it right?
Of course I know I don't know a lot, but I think some trust and support for friends and family would really help me push the envelope.

I feel good today I keep all that I feel inside and try to think more positively about other things, but I hope I can deal better when I am faced with this again. I should be more confident that I can do great things just like other people. I should be one happy virus and stop sagging or sobbing.